Everyday Heroes
brings together the stories of successful professionals of African and Caribbean descent. Through short interviews with successful professionals from a variety of careers, Everyday Heroes shows how people started and where they are today. It shares the lessons that these men and women have learned along the way and tells who influenced them to succeed. In Everyday Heroes, these professionals tell of the best advice they ever received and how it has influenced their success.

Everyday Heroes provides a wealth of success stories in an easy-to-read format and concludes with the opportunity for young readers to reflect on these stories and to create their own professional plan of action.

Career Exercises that Every Child Can Do

The exercises in the book will help the reader to make connections between the stories and their own career interests and to apply the lessons learned in creating a personal career action plan. The exercises offer the opportunity for readers to interview their own everyday heroes, thus improving their listening and questioning skills and further developing face to face communication skills.

Everyday Heroes is an indispensable part of every school’s library – for Black History Month, for Citizenship classes and for every day.

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Why Your School Needs Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes promotes Aspiration by:

• Helping your students understand that they can aspire to professions and occupations that they may feel are beyond their reach and losing the ‘not for the likes of me’ attitude
• Guiding young people to look to the present and not only to the past when identifying role models
• Showing your students how people like them have navigated the obstacles and are succeeding in their chosen careers.
• Teaching your students that success is achieved through discipline, focus and hard work
• Explaining diverse career routes that young people can choose

Everyday Heroes generates Motivation by:

• Helping young people to envisage a positive future which they have some control in influencing
• Motivating and inspiring young people to adopt role models they can relate to
• Providing a realistic insight into different career paths and what it takes to get there.
• Recognising that success is not fame but comes from using your skills and talents in the best way possible for you and your community

Everyday Heroes provides Inspiration by:

• Inspiring young people to dream of new career areas and opportunities
• Encouraging your students to see that their aspirations can be more than dreams; they can be reality.
• Encouraging young people to recognise their responsibility to give back to their communities. Everyday Heroes encourages action by:
• Providing easy-to-use exercises to encourage young people to make the link between their learning and future career paths
• Posting questions designed to help your students assess how people succeed and to define their personal definitions of success.
• Providing a template for young readers to interview their own everyday heroes, improving their verbal and written communication skills.
• Offering guidance to your students on how to take proactive steps to research their career areas of interest and identify subjects for further education.

Presentations and Assemblies on ‘Everyday Heroes’ have been held at the following schools:
• Haggerston School, London
• St James Catholic High School, London
• St Joseph’s Primary School, London
• St Mary’s C of E High School, London
• Lilian Baylis School, London

Reviews of School Presentations

“Thank you so much for coming in to talk to the students. They were totally inspired along with me and the film crew!”

Gemma Payne, Haggerston School Sixth Form, Hackney, London

“I wanted to write and thank you for taking the time to come and speak with a group of our students. I understand from my colleagues and from students that your input was inspirational and that it was very well received. The messages you gave were very pertinent for our young people and obviously struck a chord with them. We really do appreciate it and know that your words will leave a lasting impact on our students.”

Niamh Arnull, Headteacher, St James’ Catholic High School, London 

Everyday Heroes is on sale now for £12.99. Click here to buyor buy from Amazon.
Click here to order ≥5 copies.
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